Getting Classroom Management Right: Guided Discipline and Personalized Support in Secondary Schools (PILMGT)


In the Partners in Learning Series

By Carol Miller Lieber

Getting Classroom Management Right provides resources specifically designed for teachers who work with adolescents and want to create learning environments that foster fairness, mutual respect, student accountability, and self-discipline.  It offers research-based tools, skills, and guiding principles that enable secondary teachers to organize and manage their classrooms for optimal learning; prevent most disruptive behaviors; diagnose and respond to problematic behaviors efficiently; and provide the right kinds of accountable consequences and supportive interventions that will help reluctant and resistant students to turn around their behavior.

Engaging Schools' five step approach to classroom management, "Guided Discipline and Personalized Support," presents case studies and sample responses to six familiar problem types; teacher qualities and skill sets associated with effective classroom management; routines, procedures, and group learning protocols that build a high functioning classroom community; essential practices, strategies, and scripts that invite student engagement, cooperation, and self-correction; individual and group strategies for supporting positive behavior; and specific intervention protocols for chronic unwanted behaviors.

Getting Classroom Management Right includes three other notable features:

  • alignment to the three-tiered framework of Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) to meet the needs of all learners;
  • behavior report forms, problem solving protocols, conduct cards, and learning contracts that can be used in conjunction with teacher-student conferencing and more intensive interventions; and
  • over 60 protocols that offer suggestions for incorporating classroom management topics into school-based professional development and education courses

Secondary Schools | 372 pages | ESR | ISBN 9780615281230


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